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Accounting and Finance Built for Hospitality Business Owners and Managers

We have worked with hundreds of hospitality business owners. You job is HARD! But the good news is that we understand the challenges you face from tight margins, to cashflow and a lack of visibility on how much money you are actually making. The good news? We built Outmin to help you overcome them.

We Feel Your Pain...

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No real time view on ‘Are we actually making any money?!’

Traditional accountants provide you with a set of management accounts weeks after month end. This makes decision making slow and risky, in a fast-paced business. Outmin gives you real-time visibility of money money going in, money going out and has fast-response service from a team of dedicated accountants to help you understand you numbers better.

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Tight margins, growing overheads

Outmin prides itself on being a super cost-effective solution for the hospitality industry meaning managing your money, shouldn’t cost you lots of it! You will also get proactive support from our team on how to reduce costs, and be more efficient about tax.

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Late nights spent working in your business, not on your business

Calculating hours. Gathering documents for accountants. Trying to understand your finances. Dealing with suppliers. It’s never-ending. We can help remove a huge amount of manual hours so you focus on planning your next phase of growth. Time is a constant that passes - let Outmin help you win some of it back for the coming year.

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Spreadsheets, ledgers, accounting software, apps… EVERYWHERE!

Outmin helps you get one consolidated view on your finances, with an actual team of accountants doing the work for you! One place, one team working to keep you track every day. No need for 20 monthly app subscriptions, or trying to remember which laptop desktop you saved your monthly spreadsheets on. We got you!

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Learn how Outmin improved PI Pizzas's finances

“I was surprised at how straightforward the onboarding process was, I just gave the Outmin team the access they required and they did everything in less than a week. I’d recommend Outmin to any hospitality business owner, I had been looking for something like this for a long time and am really seeing the benefits of the tool.  These benefits will compound as we open in more locations.”

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Connect everything to Outmin

We connect your bank account, supplier invoices and statements, your POS, staff check-in systems and all sales data directly to Outmin. We ensure you have a full 360 picture of everything finance related.

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We’ll Pay Them…

Using the data you connect to Outmin we do your payroll on time, efficiently using the hours from your staff check-in software (or based on the hours you provide). We also handle all accounts payable and receivable

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Ensuring You’re Compliant

You have enough to worry about without missing a VIES, VAT payment or some other finance regulatory/tax matter. Outmin takes full responsbility for ensuring your business is operating within the legal guidelines. But we also make sure you can it as efficiently as possible to protect your margins

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Stay on top of your numbers and expenses with the Outmin app. No need to wonder, worry or stress about the current health of your business and cash. It’s in your pocket :)


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icon Outmin Platform

One platform and team taking care of ALL your finance needs

icon Bookkeeping

We ensure you stay on top of money in, money out. Watch in real-time on your dashboards

icon Dedicated Accountant

Amazing customer service from a certified accountant dedicated to your business

icon Business KPI dashboards

See of all of your business vitals in one simple view on mobile and desktop

icon CFO as a Service

Get a seasoned finance leader for board and investor meetings and finance strategy at a fraction of the cost a full-time CFO

icon Management Accounts

Profit and loss, balance sheet and cashflow, all taken care of with real-time visibility

icon Payroll

Ensure you and the team get paid, on time, and tax efficiently

icon Year-end Accounts

All annual returns and accounts taken care of and submitted by Outmin

icon Finance Operations

Be leaner, smarter, and more proactive about how you manage your company finances with Outmin