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Real-time financials, accounting and compliance for ambitious professional service founders and managers

Professional service businesses can be lucrative, very profitable and don’t suffer from complexities like inventory. But they would be an even greater opportunity if you could get a real-time view on your finances; detailed expert advice on scaling; and of course if you had more time to focus on winning new customers, and providing wow moments for your existing base. Voila Outmin. We exist to make your professional services company as profitable, predictable and successful as possible.

Professional Services Purpose-built, for Professional Services

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Real-time Accounting

How much money are you actually making? What will the month-end look like? What will expenses look like next month? Traditional accountants do not provide a detailed, real-time view on your business. It is almost impossible to scale a business by looking in the rear-view mirror. We will help provide you these live numbers and insights to make bold decisions wisely.

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Increase Revenue. Decrease Churn

Relationships are everything in professional services. We give you back time to focus on customers, your team delivering the services and of course, the ability to focus more on winning new business. If you are spending more than 3-4 hours a week thinking about operational finance you are doing it wrong. Our job is to do that for you!

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Time is Money. When it’s used Wisely that is…

Outmin can help you identify opportunities to leverage funding, loans, price increases and billing opportunities to help you grow faster, or, to ensure you have the maximum possible buffer to operate through times good and bad. Efficiency and opportunism is critical to making the most of a service providers limited time and capacity and our CFO services team have extensive experience working in, and work with professional service companies.

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Technology x Humans

Stop doing finances yourself. Accounting software is built for accountants, not your business. Harness Outmin’s app, dashboards and more to understand your numbers, while the Outmin team does the actual job for you!

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Learn how Outmin improved Philip J Landscape Architectures's finances

“Outmin take care of anything to do with your business and finances. They do it and advise you. It’s like having an accountant in the office but not on the books”

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Connect everything to Outmin

We connect your bank account, supplier invoices and statements, your POS, staff check-in systems and all sales data directly to Outmin. We ensure you have a full 360 picture of everything finance related.

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We’ll Pay Them…

Using the data you connect to Outmin we do your payroll on time, efficiently using the hours from your staff check-in software (or based on the hours you provide). We also handle all accounts payable and receivable.

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Ensuring You’re Compliant

You have enough to worry about without missing a VIES, VAT payment or some other finance regulatory/tax matter. Outmin takes full responsibility for ensuring your business is operating within the legal guidelines. But we also make sure you can it as efficiently as possible to protect your margins.

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Stay on top of your numbers and expenses with the Outmin app. No need to wonder, worry or stress about the current health of your business and cash. It’s in your pocket :)


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icon Outmin Platform

One platform and team taking care of ALL your finance needs

icon Bookkeeping

We ensure you stay on top of money in, money out. Watch in real-time on your dashboards

icon Dedicated Accountant

Amazing customer service from a certified accountant dedicated to your business

icon Business KPI dashboards

See of all of your business vitals in one simple view on mobile and desktop

icon CFO as a Service

Get a seasoned finance leader for board and investor meetings and finance strategy at a fraction of the cost a full-time CFO

icon Management Accounts

Profit and loss, balance sheet and cashflow, all taken care of with real-time visibility

icon Payroll

Ensure you and the team get paid, on time, and tax efficiently

icon Year-end Accounts

All annual returns and accounts taken care of and submitted by Outmin

icon Finance Operations

Be leaner, smarter, and more proactive about how you manage your company finances with Outmin